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Brandon Walsh is probably one of the best examples of those characters. While the actor has played countless other roles, he will always be known as Brandon. He isn’t just a former teen heartthrob, he is a talented actor who has a super interesting life behind the scenes! Check out these interesting facts about Jason Priestly! He became a naturalized American citizen in He drives race cars GlobalCarBrands He is super into race cars, and actually owns his own. He has not only done the announcing for IndyCar racing events, but he actually participated in the races as well! He was in a huge accident in , when he crashed into the wall at an Indy Pro Series race while he was going miles per hour.

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To bleached denim and bare midriffs. To when Beverly Hills was the biggest teen show on Earth and Jason Priestley was its biggest star. His character, Brandon Walsh, was the perfect all-American high-school heartthrob: When I was 11, my friend had a lifesize poster of Priestley on her wall. Now here he is:

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A precursor to Gossip Girl, The O. Throw on your babydoll dress, rev up your Bimmer, and take a ride behind-the-scenes of the definitive s teen drama. Beverly Hills, creator Darren Star was just 27 years old when Fox came to him and told him they wanted to create a series about teenagers in Beverly Hills, and already had Aaron Spelling signed on as producer. Star was interested, particularly if the series could focus on real issues facing teenagers. It would be their point of view, like the John Hughes movies that were very popular at the time, like The Breakfast Club.

I got the job Friday afternoon, and on Monday we started production.

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And I looked at her like, Wow. Eventually, both Rolle and Amos were upset about direction of the show and were ready to go. Rolle had this to say about the character of J.

To many, Patrick Dempsey’s exit from Grey’s Anatomy just didn’t make sense. The actor signed a two-year contract that would keep him on the show up until Season 12, and although we’ve seen other original characters depart from the series prematurely, Dempsey’s Dr. Shepherd was a massive influence on the show’s popularity.

Gabrielle Carteris lied about her age in order to get the role. She was using her grandmother’s Lainie Kazan small apartment in Beverly Hills as her mailing address. Her parents were only shown briefly once during the show’s entire run. Also in season one, Andrea states that she has a sister. This sister is never seen and is not mentioned again during the series.

During the summer of , Andrea attended summer school with Brenda and Donna. Both Andrea and Brenda developed crushes on their drama teacher and briefly became competitive over gaining his attentions, but it was Andrea whom the teacher decided to make inappropriate advances toward, though she rejected them. The following summer, Andrea worked as a day camp counselor at the Beverly Hills Beach Club and became specifically interested helping in a young deaf boy named Cameron.

She was injured in a hit-and-run while walking home from West Beverly during the fall of her senior year. However, through it she remained positive and upbeat, only being able to remember the color and size of the car. Andrea eventually began to have a crush on Gil Meyer, a young AP English teacher and journalism advisor during the gang’s senior year at West Beverly. But she accuses him of sexism when he decides Brandon should be editor-in-chief of the Blaze.

They later make peace when Andrea and Brandon become co-editors of the paper.

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By leaving out academics and focusing on the social calendar. New showrunners Patti Carr and Lara Olsen say the recently graduated West Beverly gang won’t be dealing with living in the dorms or taking final exams or choosing their majors in the new season. What are the creative challenges taking over a high school show when the characters have just graduated from high school?

The big thing for us was finding a way to keep them seeming like a group so that they weren’t splintering off. We also didn’t want it become a show about college. It’s still about these friends and their interactions with each other.

Like the original, life on the set of was not always sunshine and roses. Scandals occasionally rocked cast members behind the scenes and the series has its share of secrets that rival some of the stories about Shannen Doherty on the original show.

Dominic Monaghan and Evangeline Lilly pretty much met in paradise — they began dating in while filming Lost on set in Hawaii — but ended things five years later. They lasted a little over a year before Emily left the show and Dave’s now-wife, Odette Yustman, was cast as his new love interest. It was there that she met and began dating her co-star Michael Weatherly. The two were engaged in but ended their relationship in Of the relationship, Leighton told Seventeen magazine, “I was really sad when it ended.

Rumour has it that Linda is the one who inspired Jason’s infamous nude breakup scene in Forgetting Sarah Marshall. The pair was a couple both on and off screen before splitting in Chris Pratt is now married to funny lady Anna Faris , and the two welcomed a son in August Hall were connected in a different way. The couple divorced in after three years of marriage but remain close friends and colleagues — both actors have spoken positively about each other in interviews and will continue working together through the show’s eighth season.

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That show was set in Indiana, but when they moved to high school along with Mr. Belding, the setting inexplicably shifted to California. The continuity is completely screwed. Miss Bliss, by the by, was played by Hayley Mills, who played the twins in the original Parent Trap. Instead, a character — Tori Scott Leanna Creel — was added to replace them. However, the graduation episode was filmed before Thiessen and Berkley left the show.

Patrick Fabian was a cast member and played a professor in “Saved by the Bell: The College Years.” You may recognize him as the skeevy professor in “Veronica Mars” or as one of the leads in last year’s The Last Exorcism.

The show ran for ten seasons until the finale in With the show becoming such a huge success, there were plenty of memorable moments from our favorite characters over the years. Nevertheless, we can often find ourselves wondering whatever happened to the cast that gave us so many shocking, thrilling, and heart-stopping moments over the ten years they were on the air. JAG truly was one of the shows at the forefront of creating the perfect crime drama.

So, what are the cast members up to now? Anne-Marie Johnson as Rep. Over the years Bobbi appears in 17 episodes where she catches the eye of her co-worker, Captain Harm Rabb, Jr. Ten Years Later where she played Burkhart for three episodes. Initially, Chegwidden believed his colleagues had tried to set the pair up on a blind date, only he soon learned that Meredith was, in fact, there to talk about Lt.

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So, I went out in search of other examples of this: Television stars that are involved with other television stars or lower-level celebrities. Basically, it involved four hours of Google searches for significant others of practically every modern television actor of whom I could think. Welcome to the glamourous life of blogging. Hall, who married his “Dexter” sister.

A big deal was made of this when Killam was hired onto “SNL,” but that was before anyone knew who Killam was.

Tiffani Thiessen dished on her Saved by the Bell days while promoting her new Cooking Channel show Dinner at Tiffani’s during a Reddit Q&A on Wednesday, Mar. 11 — get the scoop!

She is portrayed by Gabrielle Carteris. Contents [ show ] Character Andrea is a dedicated high school student at West Beverly , who also serves as the editor of the West Beverly Blaze — the school newspaper. Engaging in a plethora of extra credit programmes and volunteering, the girl living out of district is set on reaching her goal of an academic scholarship to Yale University.

Andrea is incredibly sweet and has a big heart; she is also a very logical person, which leads to her feeling socially awkward and therefore adopting a more shy nature when trying to talk to other students. Her logical nature can leave her very blunt in her emotional expression, but she finds acceptance and a sense of self in her relationships with the gang. Her close friendship with Brandon Walsh , although their relationship is never truly platonic, changes her course somewhat — for the better — as Andrea starts engaging in the high school social life and makes friends for life.

West Beverly Sophomores Andrea spends her time at West Beverly working toward academic stardom and has little time for anything — or one — else.

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The ladies of Beverly Hills were the ones that men all over had crushes on while going through those troublesome years of puberty. We just loved all the drama that was involved with the rich kids who thought they could do no wrong. Not too many shows ever make it that far. The show was a phenomenon that was started by Aaron Spelling , who had a vision. With the help of Darren Star and E.

While I did love watching the show’s relationships blossom onscreen, I’m a nosy person and I really want to know who hooked up in real life on Beverly Hills, When your hormones are.

Contents [ show ] Character She appears to be shallow due to her rich and popular status, but gradually reveals more depth. Naomi was born on September 14, in Beverly Hills. Naomi is attractive, privileged, stunning and popular just like Kelly Taylor with whom the media has compared her. She’s a very good person at heart and very protective of her friends, but can also be very cruel and arrogant to others if they have hurt her. She is a different person to her friends, a different person to her family and a different person to her teachers.

She is the best friend of the main character, Annie Wilson.

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