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Nexus Valve now provides popular drawing file formats for a wide variety of products. Nexus I Flow of Innovation From the heat source to heat emission to heat distribution, Nexus, Flamco, and Meibes cover a broad spectrum of innovative building technology systems. The sister companies belong to Aalberts Industries N. This internationally active group of companies has specialised in technical products and systems in the fields of installations, heating, cooling and solar solutions. Our extensive family of flow control and related accessories for the commercial hydronic HVAC industry stands alone for quality, selection, and price. We offer millions of combinations of assemblies for your convenience, all designed, built, and tested at our headquartes in Fishers, Indiana. Whatever your system requires, we can fulfill your needs quickly and affordably. Contact your local Nexus representative today for more information. What sets us apart Our outstanding team has more direct experience in the commercial hydronic HVAC industry from contracting to distribution to manufacturing than any competitor which provides a critical foundation for success. Of course our product is great too, but our real strength is our people!

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Also it is possible to send in a non-functional thermostat and get it rebuilt. That could be a better option if you cannot find the proper update to your model. Knowing that really helped reduce my confusion when reviewing search results for how the things were supposed to work, how much new ones cost, how many different models there were.

Specifying Automatic Control Valves is a critical balancing act. On one hand, you must have the utmost confidence not only in the quality and performance of the valve, but also in the knowledge and “hands-on” expertise of the man-ufacturer. On the other hand, product reliability.

But, it begs the questions- 1 if my unit is expandable as it appears to be then where does the third spool pick up pressure and allow return. I’ve been outside taking a close look at my control which poses the same questions. I do not have switch valves or any external adjustment screws. What I have are 4 ports- 2 of which feed the rear hoses and the other 2 are plugged.

I need to determine exactly what their functions are relative to the three positions of the control. It seems to me that they are 2 pairs in parallel. You were correct that I do not have pressure on both rear hose at the same time. While I have used both, I did not pay attention to what way I was moving the control arm. Again, it seems that one pair reversible in parallel would operate double action cylinders leaving the other pair for single action lift cylinders.

But this is pure speculation and I have hunted for an operational diagram and spec sheet for a long time.

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Some newer Kubota models come factory equipped with a hydraulic junction block which means interrupting the hydraulic circuit to draw power is fast and straightforward — simply connect your hoses. In this article we describe how to get started tapping the hydraulic circuit if you have an older Kubota or one not equipped with a junction block. High and Low Pressure Lines The first step is to locate the high and low pressure lines that run along the side of the transmission housing.

The steel lines are two thicknesses — thin and thick. The thin line is the high pressure line which comes directly from the hydraulic pump. The pressure this line carries is significant!

The Autotrol® Brand Performa® ProSeries Control Valve Homeowners now have the Best Choice, and the Logical Choice in residential water treatment systems, featuring control valves by Pentair. If you’re looking for High Performance, High Efficiency and Dependable Operations, we’ve got the system for you.

Only vehicles with two pressure sensors one must be good can take advantage of the Pressure Sensor Jumper Harness. One pack is needed for each code. Silver and Gold kits come with one. Installing exhaust block off plates along with the bypass module is the only way to ensure the system is fully isolated and does not cause any future problems. The module can only prevent codes that are set because of leaking or stuck valves with block off plates installed. Sometimes valve trouble codes can be set by only a bad air pump but it is recommended that plates be installed if any codes for the valves are present.

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How to Place the Water Softener Out of Service or Off If your water softener has a manual bypass valve photo at page top and sketch at left , you can temporarily take the water softener “out of operation” – that is, you can put the the valve into bypass position so the water softener is not in the piping loop at all. When the water softener is on “bypass” water used in the building is not passing through the water softener – the unit will not be treating the building water supply.

Bypassing the water softener and turning it off when the building water supply is not going to be in use removes one more possible source of freeze and or leak damage and it also isolates the water softener equipment from the rest of the building water supply piping. How to return the water softener to use or operation To restore the water softener bypass valve back to its prior position such as restoring the water softener to in-use simply push on the now protruding knob found on the other end or other “side” of the bypass valve.

How to Fix a Leaky or “Stuck” Water Softener Bypass Valve In our experience these manual bypass valves work pretty well on most water softeners, but on occasion we find one that is leaking. Usually the valve was just fine not leaky until we disturbed it.

SoftGate Valve Pin Velocity Control for Sequential Molding The SoftGate system is an enhanced feature that precisely controls the opening phase of the hydraulic actuated valve pin. This allows for the “gentle” flow of plastic into the cavity eliminating blemishes that can occur with uncontrolled plastic flow.

Bobcat Help to hook up Prince flow control valve Hey guys. I am desperate for an answer. Keep in mind I am a hydraulics novice if you are inclined to answer back. It turned out to be a bit to fast to mix with. I was sold a Prince Hydraulic flow control valve with relief, model RDRS , and was told this would easily reduce my speed. My question is, if I connect the Prince valve inline to the auger motor as normal, do I have to use the return port on the new valve and connect to some kind of reservoir?

It has three ports. It’s a fully adjustable valve by the way, from slow to fast. The Bobcat has two auxiliary hoses.

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Aug 24, My setup looks a little bit different. In the attached photos you can see that one coolant hose comes off the block and goes into the passenger side of the heater core. Right next to it is a T section coming out of the intake manifold.

the 6” grade control cylinders. In other words, the plow must be brought to the surface of the ground by pitching it UP with the 6” cylinders BEFORE it can be raised up off the ground with the wheels.

Questions and Answers anti-siphon valve , installation , valves jstryker Anti-siphon valves are the primary type of valve used for residential irrigation systems. There are several very important rules that apply when you are using or installing an anti-siphon valve. They MUST be installed in the correct way or they will not work!! The anti-siphon valve inlet pipe must meet local plumbing code requirements for exposed pipe.

Generally that means using metal pipe such as copper, brass, or galv. It will probably save you more time and money than the extra cost it adds to the valve.

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This is a continuation of application Ser. The embodiments of the invention in which an exclusive property or privilege is claimed are defined as follows. A fluid flow control means comprising: The apparatus in claim 1 wherein said first flange terminates in an upturned outer lip and said second flange terminates in a down turned outer lip overlapping said upturned outer lip. The apparatus in claim 2 wherein said attachment means comprises a pair of oppositely extending studs on said valve stem and a pair of spaced apart fingers on said trigger member straddling said valve stem and engaging said studs.

These Live Hydraulic Remote kits are for the Jinma series (,,,) Note: We need to know if you have a metal hydraulic line (pipe) connecting to the bottom of the 3 point lift valve or a rubber hydraulic hose when ordering.

Marotta Controls is the place where global security and aerospace designers and system integrators can find world-class resources and solutions for controlling pressure, motion, fluid, electronics and power. We are a valued partner who makes significant investments in talent, technology and facilities to provide a full range of options for addressing control challenges while minimizing risk.

We are committed to creating value for our customers by developing efficient and competitive technologies, responding with speed and agility, and focusing on affordability to ensure the success of each and every one of our customers. To provide innovative solutions to complex challenges, transforming science and technology into systems and products at the best value for our customers. To continue to build on our legacy, expand on our offerings, and partner with leaders in the aerospace and defense industries.

We measure success over generations as directly related to the successful missions of our customers. We are a dedicated, agile and valued partner delivering world class service and performance. We work diligently to design, develop and manufacture reliable systems and test them thoroughly at an accelerated rate.

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Ask Question Step 2: System Diagram and Planning Confused about how all those parts fit together after reading the materials list? Here’s an exploded diagram of the entire plumbing system more details on the electronics in a later step. The exact dimensions and orientations will depend on the layout of your garden and relative location of the hose faucet.

You should definitely plan your layout in advance and do a “dry run” cut straight pieces to length, lay out all the pieces of piping in their approximate locations to make sure they’ll fit.

VG Series Forged Brass Ball Valves Installation Instructions 1 Refer to the QuickLIT website for the most up-to-date version of this document.

Powered only by ambient light, LEIT Controllers time tested photovoltaic module harnesses the energy of ambient light to generate and store electricity to power the controller day and night, anytime, anyplace! The LEIT irrigaiton controller provides irrigation solutions to situations where 4 – stations configuration are needed and AC power is an issue. It can be programmed to control up to 28 electrically operated solenoid valves, spanning an area of over one mile with up to 12 independent water schedules per valve.

The LEIT controllers can be installed in any location. How much light is needed? LEIT is unique to all other water management and control systems because of its ability to generate power at very low light levels, storing this energy in long life non-battery based Supercapacitors. This allows the system to operate in all weather conditions and in heavy overgrowth, 7 days a week, 24 hours per day. Combine the advanced programming capability of LEIT controllers with the advantages of ambient power and it is obvious why LEIT is the top choice for today’s irrigation needs.

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